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Rapidlogger Mini - Job Monitoring System

Rapidlogger Oilfield Fracturing Monitoring Hardware


The Rapidlogger Mini is a compact and cost-effective system for job monitoring and recording on cementing units. It is suitable for use on both single and double pump pumping units.

The system is simple to use and an equipment operator can use the system without any training. Job data can be recorded on removable and upgradeable MMC/SD/USB flash memory cards.


The Rapidlogger Mini can be used in many different applications. When used in the pump mode the system measures, displays and records, the pump pressure, rates, volumes, density and any other parameters that the user may choose. It can also be setup to trip the pump if the pressure exceeds a preset high limit.

One of the new features of the Rapidlogger is its ability to eliminate pump pulsation noise from the recorded data.  The system accomplishes this by means of high speed data acquisition and digital signal processing techniques. 

The Rapidlogger does not need a PC for operation.  However if needed it can transmit data to a PC or server in real time.  The large internal memory can record many months of job data for future retrieval.  The package is very compact and suitable for mounting in the control cabs of wireline, slickline and coiled tubing trucks.

Rapdilogger Oilfield Fracturing Monitoring Software


RapidVu is the software for graphing and preparing job reports and runs on a PC computer.  It can display realtime graphs and easily prepare job reports for the operator.

Mini Oil Pump Monitoring


-40C to 70C
Analog Inputs: 4 16bit
Frequency /
Depth Inputs:
4 max
Display: LCD w/ Backlight
Serial, Ethernet, WiFi
Power: 12 / 24 DC,
Job Memory: 16 GB


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