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RapidDCC – Cement Density Cruise Control System

RapidDCC – Cement Density Cruise Control System for Retrofit Applications

In recent years as the well depths have increased cementing techniques and blends have kept pace. The advancements that have been made to improve well integrity and counteract increased well depths have involved better control of cement density, improved placement accuracy, and reduction in the cement density.

The Rapidlogger RapidDCC system has been designed to control the automatic mixing of oilfield cement slurries without the operator having to constantly adjust the water and bulk feed rates.

The Rapidlogger RapidDCC system accomplishes this by controlling the water flow valve and the bulk feed gate valve. It constantly monitors the mixing density and adjusts the two valves appropriately. The system also monitors the tank level by means of a tank level sensor, the water input flow rate by means of a water flow meter and the bulk gate valve position by means of the gate valve sensor.

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