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Rapidlogger Systems is a provider of efficient monitoring hardware and software systems for oilfield applications. At Rapidlogger Systems, we have designed and developed a range of products for use in the oilfield. Our products are extremely rugged and designed for harsh oilfield environment.

Rapidlogger Oilfield Returns Flow Sesnor


The Rapidlogger returns flow sensor self- contained state-of-the-art system for monitoring and recording returns flow from wells. The system has been specifically designed from the ground up for continuous use in extremely hot or cold environments without failure.

Rapidlogger Oilfield Flow Sesnors

Drilling Applications:
When used in the drilling application the returns flow sensor is monitors the flow level in the return flow mudline. The system can monitor, display and record parameters like: wellhead returns flow rate, return flow volume, temperature and H2S level

Sludge pumping Applications:
When used in the sensor and system can be supplied with pH, and Temperature sensors. It can measure the flow rate and volume.


Dimensions: 16 x 6 x 6 inch
-20C to 60C
Enclosure Rating: IP67, NEMA 6
Power In: 9-36VDC, 120VAC

Part Number: 00-93601

Rapidlogger Oilfield Well Return Flow Sesnor


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