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RapidVQI – Volumetric Quality Indicator System

All Rapidlogger products are extremely rugged and designed for the harsh oilfield and petrochemical environments.  The Rapidlogger system enhances operational safety and improves operations through its efficiency and ease of use.

RapidVQI - Oilfield Volumetric Quality Indicator

Rapidlogger VQI –
Volumetric Quality Indicator

The Rapidlogger RapidVQI is a Volumetric mixing quality indicator system for mixing oilfield fluids, dry/wet additives, gels, sands and cements without the need for a densitometer.  The system operates by means of calculating the inflow of the base fluid (water, brine, acid) and the total increase in the tank level of the combined mixture. 

RapidVQI Oilwell Fluids Measurement System

Any increase in the tank level beyond the metered inflow of the base fluid is assumed to be due to the addition of secondary components.  While any decrease in the level is assumed to be due to the mixture being pumped out. 


Operating Temperature -40°C to 70°C
Operating Environment NEMA 4X
Slurry Quality 15-85%
Quality Accuracy ± 2%

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