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Rapidlogger Systems is a provider of efficient monitoring hardware and software systems for oilfield applications. At Rapidlogger Systems, we have designed and developed a range of products for use in the oilfield. Our products are extremely rugged and designed for harsh oilfield environment.

RapidVu Oilfield Monitoring Software


The Rapidlogger Wellhead Monitor is a self- contained state-of-the-art system for monitoring and recording data on wellheads. The system can be supplied configured for remote transmission over wired networks or cellular networks. The Rapidlogger system is very power efficient and requires very low power. This makes the system very suitable for operation from solar panels. This is a big advantage for locations without power, and where solar power is the only option.

The system has been specifically designed from the ground up for continuous use in extremely hot or cold environments without failure.

Production Monitoring Mode:
When used in the production monitoring mode the system can monitor, display and record parameters like: wellhead pressure, production flow-rate, temperature, and tank level. Additional parameters can be selected, monitored and recorded. The unit can be networked for centralized monitoring and control or transmit its data over a cellular or satellite telephone link.

Artificial Lift Mode:
When used in the artificial lift mode, the system can monitor and control pump jack or ESP speeds in addition to monitoring the standard production parameters. With a lift optimization schedule available the system can follow it to maximize production volume or balance pipeline capacity.


Dimensions: 70 x 20 x 19 inch
Operating Temperature: -20C to 60C
Enclosure Rating: IP67, NEMA 6
Power In: 9-36VDC, 120VAC
100W solar panel
Backup Capacity: 1.2 to 16 Ah
Battery Specs: 10+yrs float life @25
5+yrs float life @35C
500cycle @80% disc
2500cycle @30% disch
high pressure cells
Job Memory: 4 GB minimum

Part Number: 00-93653

Rapdilogger Oilfield Solar Power Wellhead Monitoring System


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