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Instrumentation Primer - Oilfield Sensors

Flow Sensors

In the oilfield flow sensing is performed by means of a few different methods depending on the requirements of accuracy, fluid type and other application details. Flow sensors can be of the turbine type where a small turbine spins in the flow and its rotation is measured by means of a sensor outside the flow line. Venture type flowmeters are used when it is preferable to not have an interruption in the flow and works on the principal of pressure drop in a venturi. The drop in pressure is measured by a pressure sensor and can be converted to a flow rate. Another type or flow sensor is the ultrasonic flow sensor.

Oilfield Flow Meter Sensor

Flow Meter

This type of sensor works by sending an ultrasonic sound pulse through the fluid flow, this sound pulse is then measured and the measurements are then used to calculate the speed of the fluid. Flow sensor electrical signals can be fed directly in to the Rapidlogger System for display, recording and reporting.

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