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Instrumentation Primer - Oilfield Sensors

Pressure Sensors

Pressure is perhaps the most measured parameter in the oilfield. Oilfield pressure sensors can be installed on pressure lines with threaded connections, wing unions, or swageloc fittings. Some examples of the different pressures that are measured in the oilfield are; wellhead pressure, pumping pressure, suction pressure, and hydraulic pressure.

Electro Mechanical Chart Recorder Wing Union Type Pressure Sensor
Threaded Fitting Type Pressure Sensor Wing Union Type Pressure Sensor

Most oilfield pressure sensors operate with strain gages. A metallic diaphragm in the sensor is exposed to pressurized fluid on one side and atmospheric pressure on the other side. Fluid or gas pressure on the wet side of the diaphragm deflects the diaphragm and strain gages mounted on the dry side measure the deflection. Sometimes an amplifier is built in to the pressure sensor to improve the quality of the pressure signal. Pressure sensor electrical signals can be fed directly in to the Rapidlogger System and recorded.

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