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Instrumentation Primer - Services and Sensors

Data Recording, Presentation, and Generation of Job Reports

Recorded data from oilfield service operations needs to be displayed in a meaningful manner in order to be able to best utilize the data for job evaluation and for making decisions during the job.

Normally the oilfield service job data is presented in two types of plots. Time based plots and depth based plots. The time based plots are normally used for pumping jobs while the depth based plots are used for coiled tubing and slickline jobs. The RapidVu job monitoring and recording software allows the display of job parameters in both types of formats.

Data Displayed as a Depth Based Plot

Data Displayed as a Depth Based Plot

For analysis of oilfield service job data it is necessary to record it. This is usually done on a computer hard disk, or flash memory etc. Creation of job reports is sometimes required by customers as a matter of policy in order to archive the service operation and job results.

The Rapidlogger system and its included RapidVu software perform all of these tasks automatically. This system acquires the sensor data during service jobs, records the data, displays realtime graphs and allows the operator to prepare an automatic job report.

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