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Is a computer required to use the Rapidlogger?

No. The Rapidlogger System is a standalone data acquisition system that does not require any PC or laptop for operation. A PC can be used to display data and generate reports in real time, but is not required.

Do I have to buy software from you?

No. We supply our RapidVu data acquisition software for free. However you can use any other commercial or proprietary software to display record and plot Rapidlogger data.

What data protocols are supported?

The Rapidlogger supports ASCII, CSV, WITS, Modbus, OPC formats. Data can also be played by from files, serial ports and Ethernet channels.

Can I plot the data in Excel?

Yes the Rapidlogger Data format is compatible with CSV and can be directly imported in excel and many other programs

Why can I not print a job report?

Microsoft Word 2003 or newer is required to be on the same computer as the one you are generating the job report on.

I am not sure which version of RapidVu I am using.

The version number is given in the About dialog box of the program. This can be accessed from the help menu.

Can I connect a densitometer micromotion or endress hauser to the Rapidlogger?

Yes. Both densitometers are easily connected to the Rapidlogger. The details are in the manual.

Can I connect a turbine flowmeter to the Rapidlogger?

Yes. Tubrine flow meter from Electronic data devices, Nu Flow and many others can be directly interfaced to the Rapidlogger. The details are in the manual.

Can I zero the pressure?

You can zero the pressure from the front panel or from the PC.
The most common reason that the pressure value does not read zero is that the pressure sensor has a zero offset (out of calibration).

Can I calibrate the Pump Rate?

Yes. You can enter a new pump calibration factor from the front panel.

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