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Setting Up RapidVu for Data Output to a WITS Capable System

This tech note describes the process to connect RapidVu Software to a WITS compliant computer to transmit data. The WITS output module in RapidVu is not operational until the software starts acquiring data from the Rapidlogger System.

Make sure that RapidVu version 3.2.4 (or newer) is installed. This can be verified by looking at the “about” dialog box in RapidVu.

Figure 1: About RapidVu

WITS Output Setup

In order to setup WITS Output in to RapidVu program

Select the Data->Output WITS0 on Serial menu option.

WITS Output Set Up

Now the following dialog box will appear.

Rapidlogger Initial Screen

  1. In the Dialog dialog box, specify the COM port and the Baud Rate for the data.
  2. By default the RapidVu program chooses the first available COM port for WITS data output.
  3. The Baud Rate needs to match the Baud Rate on the WITS compliant computer that you are trying to transmit data to.
  4. If you have a mapping saved, click Load Mapping. In the Open dialog box, locate and select the mapping file (*.wcg file). Then click Open.
  5. If you don’t have a mapping saved, adjust the values in the dialog box for the data input. (To change settings, double-click any cell in the white area except for the Var No column and edit the information.)
  6. Note that the Variable Name entered in the column “Field Name” must match exactly with one of the variables in RapidVu. If the variable name that is entered here does not match one of the RapidVu variable names or if there is a typing error then that variable will not be transmitted as part of the WITS data stream.
  7. The WITS table number and WITS DATA ID need to match the settings expected by the device receiving the WITS data stream.
  8. Click Start Output or Restart Output.

To Save and WITS mapping file to the computer:

  1. In the Dialog dialog box, click Save Mapping.
  2. In the Save As dialog box, locate and open the folder for the file.
  3. Name the file. (RapidVU appends the .wcg extension to the file name.)
  4. Click Save.
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