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Restoring Rapidlogger Variables from a PC Using the Rapidlogger-Utility

This tech note describes the process to restore Rapidlogger variables and settings from a PC. The program used to do this operation is called the "Rapidlogger Utility". This document describes the use of the "Rapidlogger Utility". You should only use version number or newer versions of this utility program. The program is available on the CD that is shipped with your system or on the Rapidlogger Website. Before using this program the PC should be connected to the Rapidlogger System with an Ethernet cable and the network setup should be completed. The network setup is described in a different document.


Figure 1: Rapidlogger-Utility Program Version

The first step is to install the "Rapidlogger Utility" program on your PC. To install double click on the setup.exe file inside the Rapidlogger Utility folder on the CD.

Rapdilogger Installation Menu Radidlogger Installation

Figure 2: Running the Rapidlogger Utility from the Program Menu

Now run the program by clicking on the program icon for Rapidlogger Utility in the program menu.

Rapidlogger Initial Screen

Figure 3: Rapidlogger-Utility Program Initial Screen

Using the Program

  1. Try to ping Rapidlogger System by clicking on the "Ping Rapidlogger" button as shown below.
  2. Rapidlogger Screen Options

    Figure 4: Using the Rapidlogger Utility

  3. If the message in the window show "Rapidlogger Response Received" then you are ready to proceed.  If the message shows "Connection to Rapidlogger Failed" then there is a problem with the network connection and you need to check all of the steps in the network setup procedure described in the Rapidlogger Tech Note #5 thoroughly and try again.
  4. You can verify that the program version number is at least by clicking on the "About" button.  If the version number is lower than please install the correct version.
  5. The next step is to Read the backed up Rapidlogger Variables from the PC by clicking on the "Read Vars File" button.  A dialog box will open and you will have to select the Variables Backup file from the location it was stored in.  The Variables backup files have a file extension ”.rlv” .
  6. Pressing the "Write All to Unit" button writes the all of the variables and system setup to the Rapidlogger Unit.
  7. Verify that the message window reads "Variable Apply OK".
  8. Cycle power on the Rapidlogger Unit to allow the new variables to take effect.
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