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Connecting Two RapidVu Programs to View Data in Two or More Places

This tech note describes the process to connect a second RapidVu program to a first one.  This would allow displaying the data in two places.

  1. Connect the Rapidlogger System to your PC with an Ethernet Cable or WiFi. Power up the Rapidlogger System and run the RapidVu Program on the PC.
  2. The network communication will be like this
Rapid Vu Multiple Devices and Networks
  1. The network connection between the RapidVu #1 and RapidVu #2 can be over a local Ethernet network or a remote Ethernet network established over a modem, router or WAN connection. The main requirement is that a valid IP network connection can be established From RapidVu #2 to RapidVu #1.
  2. Start acquiring Data from the Rapidlogger by clicking on the “Rapidlogger” button or the menu “Data->From Rapidlogger”.
Rapid Vu Oil Field Data Acquisition
  1. Once the RapidVu program has started acquiring data from the Rapidlogger System, the green LED on the top left of the screen starts flashing.
Rapid Vu Petroleum Data Monitoring
  1. Now start RapidVu on a different computer. This copy of RapidVu can connect to the first one over the network and acquire data.
Rapid Vu Fluid Monitoring System
  1. Start acquiring Data on the second copy of RapidVu from the menu “Data->From Network”.
  2. A dialog box appears as shown below
Rapdi Vu Oilfield Network Access
  1. Enter the TCP/IP address of the first computer in the host address field. Press the “OK” button. If there is no problem then the second RapidVu will start acquiring data from the first RapidVu.


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