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Setup Hydraulic Horse Power (HHP) Variable

Latest Software’s and Firmware:

First Generation Rapidlogger:

If you have a first generation Rapidlogger you will need to make sure you have the latest firmware, RapidVu Software and Rapidlogger Utility. Latest firmware for first generation Rapidlogger is 8.7 or later. The RapidVu software rev should be 4.4.48 or later and the Rapidlogger Utility installed should be 4.1.40 or later.

Next Generation Rapidlogger:

For the next Generation Rapidlogger you will need firmware 8.6w or later. The RapidVu software rev should be 4.4.48 or later and the Rapidlogger Utility should be 4.1.40 or later.

If running windows 8 or 10 Rapidlogger Utility should be 4.1.39-Win8 or later.

Setting up HHP Variable:

  1. Run the Rapidlogger System Utility Software
  2. Click Find Rapidlogger
  3. Click Read all from Unit. On the right a box of variable details should appear. These are the variables currently on the Rapidlogger.
  4. We will be adding a variable. See what the last variable number is. Refer to figure 1.
Rapidlogger Oilfield Monitoring Varibles

    Figure 1. Variable Numbers in Red Outline

  1. For example, if the last number is 81 we will be creating a new variable as 82.
  2. Enter your new variable number in box located under Variable Number.
  3. Enter HHP under Variable Name.
  4. Enter HP under Variable Units.
  5. Enter in desired decimal places in Decimal Places.
  6. Under I/O Type there is a drop box. Click it and scroll down to I-Calculated Multiply.

The formula for Hydraulic Horse Power is:

Hydraulic Horse Power Formula
  1. Input variable 1 should be your variable number of pressure (number is found next to name of variable seen in figure 1).
  2. Input variable 2 is the variable number for TotalRate.
  3. Scale will be your multiplier. Hydraulic Horse Power Formula Result . Input 0.0245098 into scale.
  4. Under Toggles check mark Enable, LCD Display, and Record/Transmit.
  5. Your screen should look like figure 2.
Rapidlogger Well Monitoring System
  1. After this we will click Write One to Unit located under Find Rapidlogger
  2. Variable should appear at the bottom of Variables Defined.
  3. Turn off and on Rapidlogger.
  4. Once you open RapidVu software and connect to Rapidlogger, variable HHP will appear there as well.


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